Preventive maintenance

An effective preventive maintenance system is one that puts you in a position to anticipate and address problems, such as replacing equipment and components that are susceptible to wear before they actually malfunction. This requires the ability to carry out routine and systematic maintenance using a library of documented malfunctions based on known issues and potential system risks in order to permanently reduce the probability of component failures.

SI®/PAM is an extremely powerful IT tool that not only supports you and your maintenance teams, it also makes your lives easier. With this intelligent solution, you can prepare well in advance of any potential event and automate tasks that in the past required substantial human time and effort. The result is long-term sustainable planning, efficient management, and detailed documentation of all preventive maintenance activities.

What does this mean for you?

SI®/PAM allows you to plan preventive maintenance very easily because you can automatically generate and assign tasks to pre-determined personnel or teams.

Using a standardized scheduling system, SI®/PAM ensures that you never miss important preventive maintenance activities. The tool also allows you to pre-configure asset-based maintenance work schedules and save valuable time. And you have the option to manage your maintenance using either a calendar-based or meter-based system, for example according to a specified number of machine or plant operating hours.

SI®/PAM keeps a record of all completed preventive maintenance activities and automatically calculates the date and time for the next maintenance.