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  • Keep everything in your sights and under control.

    The Work Clearance module in SI®/PAM provides an alternative to managing work clearance and start-up documentation using manual paper-based systems or a variety of digital lists. It offers a central platform to store all work clearance plans and allows you to run specific work clearance activities efficiently.

    One of the module’s unique features is its ability to check for conflicts between multiple work clearance or work locations. This feature checks whether all the necessary work clearance steps have been taken at the various work locations in order to put the relevant areas of the plant back into operation safely. The SI®/PAM Work Clearance module makes it easier to run complex work clearance procedures and to ensure that higher occupational and operational safety is sustainable.

    What are your advantages?

    • Store all work clearance/start-up plans and other documentation on a single, centralized platform
    • Execute work clearance procedures efficiently
    • Store all work clearance plans in an intuitive library organized by location and including all work clearance activities
    • Get a quick look at the current work clearance status
    • Check for conflicts between multiple work clearance or work locations
    • Make increased occupational and operational safety sustainable