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  • Always have an eye on your inventory.

    The Material Management module is ideal for all companies that want to manage their inventory independently without necessarily needing to run an ERP system or adding to it. The module lets you define different storage locations and enter stock quantities as well as any changes (e.g. removal or relocation) into the system. You can also take advantage of intelligent inventory management features and automatically receive notifications when stocks fall below pre-determined minimums. We recommend adding this SI®/PAM module to your ERP system, especially if working with temporary storage, such as when a component is removed from a warehouse managed in an ERP system but must be stored temporarily somewhere else until it is shipped or installed.

    What are your advantages?

    • Build an independent solution to manage inventory intelligently or integrate the solution into an ERP system
    • Get a quick overview of the current location of stock stored in temporary locations
    • Find materials fast, including all relevant information
    • Easily define your own stock levels and register when items have been removed or relocated
    • Determine exact storage locations, including items already removed from an ERP system
    • Use intelligent inventory management to receive automatic notifications when stocks fall below pre-determined minimums