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  • Take control of your recurring activities.

    Inspections, upkeep, and other cyclical, conditions-based maintenance must be routine and absolutely cannot risk going overlooked. With SI®/PAM’s Recurring Items module, you can take full control of all recurring activities. Generate automatic recurring items for recurring tasks stored in the Tasks module and ensure the responsible personnel receive automatic notifications of all upcoming tasks.

    Configure time-saving, asset-based maintenance work schedules using either a calendar-based or meter-based system, such as machine or plant operating hours. By completely integrating all recurring activities into a centralized and powerful CMMS, you’ll always have access to all the needed data and information, which allows you to schedule personnel assignments well in advance. Furthermore, the Recurring Items module is ideal for mandatory routine tests, the complete histories of which can be stored in SI®/PAM.

    What are your advantages?

    • Easily plan recurring activities, including all necessary resources
    • Automatically generate recurring items
    • Actively notify all responsible personnel
    • Pre-configure time-saving, asset-based maintenance work schedules
    • Completely integrate recurring activities into a powerful CMMS
    • Efficiently plan mandatory tests and documentation
    • Use pre-configured workflows to develop lean, secure processes