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  • Twice the added value, all the more growth potential

    There’s real potential for growth in the industrial services sector because more and more companies are concentrating on their core expertise and hiring outside repair and maintenance specialists – not least due to increasing machine and plant complexity.

    SI®/PAM offers twice the added value to industrial service providers who provide industry-specific services. Use our sophisticated CMMS to efficiently manage the operations and maintenance of your own machines, tools, vehicles, and more, while at the same time leveraging SI®/PAM’s highly economical and powerful features to offer highly competitive maintenance management services to others. It’s real added value for your customers.

    SI®/PAM is an extremely powerful and versatile IT platform that you can tailor to your customers’ individual requirements. This allows you to add a comprehensive, preventive maintenance service to your portfolio that will truly impress your customers.

    For instance, with SI®/PAM you are able to more efficiently organize and coordinate your customers’ recurring activities. Because the CMMS systematically records all cyclical activities, you can also record everything you do and provide your customers with complete reporting.

    SI®/PAM is also available as software-as-a-service, so you can opt to gradually introduce the solution into your portfolio.

    In the industrial service business, the service makes the difference. With SI®/PAM, you can offer your customers real added value and seize growth opportunities in your markets.