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  • A few steps, a lot of advantages.

    It generally only takes a few steps to introduce SI®/PAM into your operations and leverage the game-changing advantages of our powerful solution.

    Phase 1
    Collecting basic data

    In phase one, your basic data is collected once a few conditions have been met:

    • Input all SI®/PAM user data and their relationships within the company hierarchy
    • Acquire technical installations and organize in a hierarchical structure (e.g. via import of external media)
    • Add data to the component library as well as the library of all existing components (e.g. via import of external media)

    What are your advantages?

    • Record all base data by application in order to bring the CMMS online quickly and make it immediately productive
    • Efficiently record all plant and component data while avoiding redundant data imports from other existing data sources
    • Quickly introduce IT-optimized maintenance in just a few, clear steps

    Phase 2
    Initial applications

    You can introduce SI®/PAM into your operations as early as phase 2. The first thing the system does is map out who’s responsible for what in terms of budget and operations management, assuming that you’ve already determined who is responsible for these tasks. Once this organizational data has been stored in SI®/PAM, it can be called up and used repeatedly when needed.

    What are your advantages?

    • Immediately use SI®/PAM in real applications
    • Transparently map internal roles and responsibilities
    • Save time and effort by only configuring the system once

    Phase 3
    Maintenance planning

    Once your asset library and personnel data are in place and you’ve established rules for roles and responsibilities, you’ll have a sufficient reservoir of master data to schedule recurring items in SI®/PAM and ensure tasks and deadlines are automatically sent to the right users.

    What are your advantages?

    • Easily plan recurring activities
    • Automatically transfer information to responsible personnel
    • Set up regular, automatic reminders for planned maintenance work
    • Add additional details to your planning schedule if needed by building a library of all your resources

    Phase 4
    Document management

    Say goodbye to that mess of paperwork and the unpleasant, time-consuming work that goes with it. SI®/PAM delivers an asset and resources document management system that is organized and transparent. As a result, you have immediate access to all the documents, forms, and logs you need at your workstation.

    What are your advantages?

    • Organize and manage your data in a structured system and assign attributes using a specific key system
    • Easily identify documents using metadata and link them to maintenance objects
    • Provide authorized personnel with immediate access to all the data they need to do their jobs
    • Quickly open and edit documents in standard software applications