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  • Superior intelligence, smooth operations.

    Highly reliable supply grids are extremely important. That’s why they need to be routinely maintained, inspected and, if needed, promptly serviced and repaired. Considering the complexity and decentralized organization of many different types of supply grids, that’s easier said than done.

    You need a solution with superior intelligence that can manage the operations of any supply grid. Whether electricity, gas, water, or sewage, SI®/PAM is that solution. With SI®/PAM, you get a single, centralized CMMS to precisely plan, manage, execute, and comprehensively document everything from maintenance and inspections to troubleshooting and fault elimination. This empowers you to sustainably reduce costs for repetitive processes and workflows and optimize your organization to deal with unplanned malfunctions effectively.

    As a modular, versatile CMMS, SI®/PAM comes with all the tools you need to service and maintain public and private supply grids. These include:

    • Centralized plant and resource library
    • Versatile Shift Log for efficient planning and coordination of shift teams, including targeted notifications
    • Powerful recordkeeping system to organize documents and plans
    • Multiple data analysis and reporting options