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  • SI®/PAM – the intelligent solution for optimized maintenance management

    The keys to optimizing your operations maintenance management are systematic planning, management, execution, monitoring, and documentation of everything you do, while taking all of your technical and personnel resources into account.

    SI®/PAM gives you a complete set of powerful tools to create an efficient and economical maintenance system and add real value to your operations.

    What exactly does SI®/PAM help you do?

    • Plan, manage, and execute maintenance activities
    • Develop preventive and conditions-based maintenance strategies
    • Manage and document plants and grids
    • Monitor and control all maintenance processes

    What does this mean for you?

    • Intelligent IT infrastructure for efficient maintenance strategies
    • Modular, versatile software that accounts for each individual task
    • Fast and focused execution of efficient workflows and organizational procedures
    • A powerful solution for lean, efficient processes that enables optimal process control and eliminates potential cost drivers
    • Comprehensive documentation, including transparent work records to meet legal requirements
    • An efficient, scalable solution to meet all of your operations maintenance management needs and equip you for the future  

    No matter what maintenance strategy you choose, SI®/PAM is always the right solution.