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  • The centralized solution for decentralized supply.

    Renewable energy power plant operators are under enormous pressure to maximize uptime in order to help ensure high energy security. The importance of cost-efficient technical operations management and maintenance of these decentralized facilities is on the rise as the use and competitiveness of renewables expands.

    You could say SI®/PAM was essentially predestined for renewable energies – the versatile and cross-industry solution is the perfect fit. Wind farms are a good example, where wind turbines are spread across large areas.

    Working in tandem with its mobile application, SI®/PAM allows operators to continuously and efficiently manage operations and maintenance of wind farms, reduce turbine downtimes, and tap into a reservoir of potential in order to maximize output.

    SI®/PAM is a proven solution that is being used very successfully for managing operations and maintenance in a number of renewable energy projects, including many wind farms, a state-of-the-art biomass power plant, and a 50 MW solar power plant with a mirror surface area of some 510,000 square meters.