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  • About SI®/PAM

    SI®/PAM is the latest innovative addition to the SI family and is built on STEAG’s decades of experience in managing and operating power plants. A solution designed to overcome the multifaceted requirements of highly complex plants and systems is essentially predestined also for other industries in which technical operations management and maintenance could play a vital role in the value chain. SI®/PAM also makes it substantially easier to comply with regulations regarding documentation of inspections and all work performed; this is a significant benefit, as these regulations present a major challenge across all industry sectors.

    SI®/PAM – IT-optimized technical operations management that gives you an edge:

    • Efficiently and effortlessly plan workflows and processes
    • Transparently map operating processes and procedures
    • Quickly and easily implement individual requirements
    • Systematically maintain document libraries for compliance and other legal requirements
    • Easily learn the interface due to its intuitive, user-tested navigation