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  • SI®/PAM – realize the full potential of your operations

    Given the fact that nearly every industry is under constant pressure to reduce costs, ensuring efficient and economical operations is becoming more and more crucial. Whether you operate machines, plants, or utility grids, the need to realize your full potential makes it all the more important to identify key opportunities for improvement and to design operations as efficiently as possible. SI®/PAM is based on STEAG’s decades of experience managing and operating highly complex energy plants – valuable expertise we want to pass on to you.

    What exactly does SI®/PAM help you do?

    • Organize operating workflows and processes
    • Map a wide range of operating processes and procedures
    • Administer and manage documentation
    • Plan, manage, and execute measures to maintain the value of your investments and networks

    What does this mean for you?

    • Fast, seamless mapping of operations
    • Step-by-step build-up of a powerful technical operations management system
    • High data consistency thanks to a standardized system, resulting in higher transparency and cost efficiency 
    • A modular, versatile, and always scalable system to efficiently overcome new challenges
    • A uniform, versatile IT platform to run a multitude of tasks, which can in general be easily integrated into existing software environments.