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  • Everything immediately at hand

    Forget the time-consuming search for important documents, because in the module "document management" everything is centrally stored and organized. You can either save your documents directly in the module or link files stored outside SI®/PAM in the CMMS. In this way, you always have a central overview of all important data and documents.

    In SI®/PAM you can add documents to each object. Here also the multiple linking of documents to different object types is possible.

    Some exemplary use cases:

    • R&I schemes and engineering drawings
    • Manuals and maintenance manuals
    • Checklists and test reports

    Your advantages:

    • efficient document management via a central interface
    • comfortable full-text search in the metadata of documents and in the content of more than 150 file types
    • quick overview by adding documents to each object type
    • greater security and ease of use by storing documents in a database
    • flexible assignment by multiple linking of documents
    • faster finding of "external" documents by linking
    • easy integration of existing document management solutions