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  • More transparency and simple reporting.

    Waste disposal and recycling is extremely complex. To ensure plants run safely and securely, the industry needs a highly sophisticated, highly available technical operations management system.

    That system is SI®/PAM – a tool that has already proven its worth as a centralized and versatile IT solution in a host of waste incineration plants. The cornerstone of SI®/PAM’s ability to map all master data is the system’s extensive plant library. By intelligently linking the library to central applications such as SI®/PAM’s Shift Log or Recurring Items (including their automated features), you ensure a seamless flow of information between all personnel and departments for both planned and unplanned maintenance.

    SI®/PAM is a modular and scalable IT solution. You can fully and easily integrate additional features to the CMMS, such as a powerful Work Clearance tool or a versatile Audit Planning application, at any time. As an all-in-one solution, SI®/PAM also comes with extensive options for recordkeeping and reporting as well as seamless ERP integration so that you can connect all business data into one single CMMS and simplify the reporting process.