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  • Always have an eye on your assets.

    Use the Event Log module to record any kind of unplanned events – and then save your entries and protect them from being overwritten. This allows you to create and save mandatory logs as well as to document deficiencies or to save data readouts.

    SI®/PAM stands out from many other solutions because it is able to fully integrate the Event Log into the CMMS. Compared with other solutions, this has the advantage of seamlessly integrating work order processing into the CMMS, for example. And you can create as many Event Logs as you wish. What’s more: any group can use the module to create things like log books, shift logs, damage reports, and more.

    What are your advantages?

    • Seamless integration into any CMM feature
    • Versatile infrastructure
    • Unlimited report types in each Shift Log
    • Freely definable data fields
    • End-to-end and secure documentation
    • User rights administration to ensure high data protection
    • Flexible options for restricting or prohibiting retrospective changes