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  • It’s all at your fingertips.

    Using the Document Management module, you can save and organize all your important documents right in SI®/PAM or link directly to those saved in external locations. This gives you access to all important data from one central display.

    In SI®/PAM, you can add any documents you want to an object. It’s also possible to link documents to multiple object types.

    Common uses are:

    • P&ID diagrams and construction drawings
    • Guides and service manuals
    • Checklists and check logs

    What are your advantages?

    • Manage documents efficiently on a central display
    • Run convenient full-text searches in document metadata and the contents of more than 150 file types
    • Add documents to each object type for a fast overview
    • Increase security and simplify management by storing all documents in one database
    • Flexibly allocate documents by linking them to multiple objects
    • Find documents stored in external locations faster by linking them directly to the system
    • Easily integrate existing document management solutions