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  • Digital progress drives productivity.

    Although the present and future challenges faced by the manufacturing industry vary depending on company size, on the whole every company in this industry is looking to grow, reduce costs, increase profits, maintain and increase competitiveness, and be in a position to develop real innovations. To achieve these goals, the industry has consistently invested in state-of-the-art ERP and MES solutions.

    Despite increased digitalization in manufacturing, many companies still largely ignore technological advances in technical operations management and maintenance because this area is seen purely as a cost center. As a result, maintenance strategies fail to have the desired effect, leading to higher failure rates, more machine and plant downtime, and lower productivity.

    In order to increase your productivity to the point of optimal, flexible production utilization and to further sharpen your competitive edge, it is vital to maintain highly available machinery. And the only way to do that is to develop an effective maintenance strategy that reduces mean operating time between failures, shortens the average repair time, and lowers the average costs of spare parts per machine failure.

    With SI®/PAM, you are able to implement a maintenance strategy that makes a difference – one that has a decisive impact on each of these parameters and helps keep cost reductions sustainable. Add the fact that SI®/PAM integrates easily into your existing ERP systems and you have a solution for technical operations management and maintenance that makes a real contribution to your company’s added value.