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  • Keep your entire shift team up to speed at all times

    SI®/PAM Shift Log makes it easier than ever to plan and organize shifts as well as manage shift transfers.

    Precise planning – never miss a thing
    SI®/PAM Shift Log is the perfect tool for precise planning of pending work and other activities. This digital log allows you to prepare your shifts and pre-configure which information goes to each individual member of your shift team – enabling automatic messages to be sent to specific people at pre-set times.

    Complete communications – keep everyone in the know
    Regardless of whether you need to enter tasks, instructions, or notes, SI®/PAM Shift Log allows you to record all plans and activities and notify all necessary personnel in your shift team about all pending work and activities at just the right time. This not only improves communication, it also ensures sustainable work safety going forward.

    Full flexibility – face new challenges with ease
    Due to its scalable system architecture and user-defined data fields, SI®/PAM Shift Log can be easily adapted to new requirements and expanded at any time as needed.

    On-demand documentation – your entire history in one place
    SI®/PAM Shift Log documents everything you do on one central IT platform. With an entire history of all important shift log entries and documentation at your fingertips, you’ll be fully prepared for your next audit.  

    Unleash valuable potential – immediate access to everything you need Your entries in SI®/PAM Shift Log create a continuous log across all of your shifts. It takes little more than the push of a button to pull up an overview of all KPIs, allowing you to perform an in-depth analysis of all the data you need for your continuous improvement process.