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  • Streamline processes and save time.

    The process industry is arguably among the most technologically demanding industries. Due to legal requirements, the availability of raw materials, the latest technological advancements, and other challenges, it’s a business that requires true innovations.

    A modular CMMS like SI®/PAM – designed for planning, managing, executing, and compliant documentation of maintenance activities – offers an extremely versatile solution that is ready to adapt to the wide-ranging requirements of companies competing in the process industry.

    Efficiently managing maintenance work across multiple facilities and locations, which is common in the industry, isn’t easy. SI®/PAM’s innovative mobile maintenance solutions, which combine tablet and smartphone apps with the power of RFID technology, give operators the tools they need to face this challenge. By equipping plant components with RFID transponders, you are able to use smartphones and tablets to clearly identify and localize problems, making mobile maintenance not only safer but also more efficient. You’ll streamline your maintenance work and save a lot of time in the process.