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  • More efficient and transparent transformer maintenance

    With SI®/PAM’s open system architecture, you can develop simple and versatile IT solutions that are able to meet the requirements of highly specialized applications, such as transformer maintenance. In collaboration with WGM Support, STEAG Energy Services developed ÖTMM (Oil-Transformer – Monitoring and Measurement of processes) – an IT solution especially designed for highly efficient transformer maintenance.

    Simplify everyday tasks and create added value:

    • Log all transformer components in an organized plant directory
    • Intelligently plan and manage maintenance activities with precise task assignment
    • Efficiently schedule recurring, routine activities (e.g. recording and logging data)
    • Store all measurements, test logs and other important documents in one central location
    • Record all unforeseen events in clearly organized logs

    Versatility in action

    Three versions of our ÖTMM are available for you to choose from:

    • Outsourcing service via WGM Support (incl. data collection, evaluation and reporting services)
    • Online, browser-based system
    • Full software version installed on your server

    Flexibility for the future

    ÖTMM is a software system customized for transformer maintenance. Your software license comes with the option to upgrade seamlessly to SI®/PAM. This way, you have the option to start “light” and then scale up to the full version later in order to meet your increasing needs. As your requirements grow, your IT solution can grow.