Corrective maintenance

Speed and efficiency are paramount in corrective maintenance. The faster and more organized you respond to a malfunction or failure, the more you can focus your efforts on effectively eliminating the error and maximizing plant uptime.

SI®/PAM equips you with the tools you need to build a corrective maintenance management system that reduces response times and ensures that maintenance work leads to the desired results. You can also increase cost transparency by storing troubleshooting records in SI®/PAM and interfacing with an ERP solution such as SAP.

What does this mean for you?

SI®/PAM keeps a record of all alerts, giving your maintenance teams both a detailed and organized overview of all relevant problems. Over time you’ll build up a valuable history of your plant right down to each individual machine, which will allow you to identify recurrent malfunctions more precisely, respond to them faster, and more.

When you troubleshoot and eliminate an error, SI®/PAM documents every detail of the entire process. Using this data, you can plan and manage maintenance work expediently, not to mention maintain detailed records on specific machines, units, or locations. You can also use SI®/PAM to automatically carry out activities required by law and generate complete documentation so that you never miss important deadlines in the future.

When integrated with ERP systems like SAP, SI®/PAM allows you to precisely monitor all maintenance-related cost factors. The result is higher transparency and, in turn, a more efficient and economical corrective maintenance system.