Condition-based (predictive) maintenance

Conditions-based maintenance offers a great deal of potential to lower your total maintenance costs and increase both plant and component uptime. But that depends on whether you have a sustainable system in place to implement highly efficient maintenance processes that also accounts for all related aspects. Among other benefits, such a system can allow you to reliably gauge potential risks, utilize resources more efficiently, and reduce the lifecycle costs of your investments.

SI®/PAM is the highly powerful, versatile, and scalable CMMS you need to face these kinds of challenges and tackle other key business objectives.

What does this mean for you?

Beyond the above-mentioned advantages of this maintenance system, one of the compelling features of SI®/PAM is its modular structure. This allows you to customize it for specific tasks and ultimately design more efficient workflows and maintain better oversight of conditions-based maintenance processes. With comprehensive documentation of maintenance activities (e.g. replacing components susceptible to wear), you build up a valuable history that you can use to continuously optimize your maintenance system.

SI®/PAM is built using an open system architecture. One of the benefits of this special feature is the ability to connect to external condition monitoring systems (CMS) – like those offered by STEAG Energy Services – and enable condition-based maintenance. STEAG offers these powerful CMS solutions for both conventional and renewable energy sectors, which allow you to continuously monitor key process functions. Link ST Working with these systems, SI®/PAM can be set up to generate automatic error messages with the option of automatically triggering tasks to check or eliminate the error in the affected component or unit.