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  • More mobility, real added value.

    Today’s digital world requires rapid response times and extreme versatility. Your technical operations management and maintenance are no exception, where more mobility can mean real added value.

    SI®/PAM Mobile is an add-on to SI®/PAM that consistently taps the potential of mobile maintenance. The mobile app and the PC-based application work hand in hand. SI®/PAM functions as the backend, where you can choose which data and features are accessible in the mobile app. One of the benefits of mobile maintenance is the ability to record certain steps in the process on your smartphone or tablet while carrying out the maintenance work, saving you the time and effort to manually enter it into the central CMMS.

    Using the SI®/PAM Mobile app, you can effectively integrate auto-ID technologies like RFID and barcodes to identify units, components, and locations with certainty and display all required activities and work right on your smartphone or tablet.

    Both SI®/PAM Mobile and SI®/PAM make it easy to take and upload images – allowing you to quickly document damage, add components to the asset library, and more – and easily synchronize them between the app and the backend. This significantly reduces the workload of your on-site personnel as well as your maintenance department.

    With SI®/PAM Mobile for Android, iOS or Windows 10, you’ll always have a CMMS in your pocket.

    What are your advantages?

    • Access most of functionalities of SI®/PAM features on your smartphone or tablet
    • Reliably identify on-site assets and components using auto-ID technologies, which is important for safe work clearance
    • Easily select data and functionality in the CMMS backend for use in mobile maintenance
    • Prevent redundant data entry using powerful mobile data features
    • Significantly reduce your team’s workload by easily integrating photos into both SI®/PAM Mobile and SI®/PAM
    • Provide seamless communication between all parties without disruptions or additional effort
    • Easily synchronize data via WLAN or mobile network connectivity
    • Access maintenance data that is always up to date thanks to bidirectional communication between the mobile app and central CMMS