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  • Transformer maintenance made transparent and easy.

    Transformers are vital components in the power supply industry. But regardless of who puts them to use – energy suppliers, public utilities, or industrial companies – transformers must first comply with all legal requirements, regulations, and standards. These devices also represent a long-term and significant capital investment, making it important to ensure they retain long-lasting value. However, time and again we see technical malfunctions in transformers leading to everything from significant performance losses to total failures.

    ÖTMM (Oil-Transformer – Monitoring and Measurement) is a SI®/PAM-based solution built by STEAG Energy Services in collaboration with WGM Support that is designed for highly efficient transformer maintenance.

    ÖTMM is available as a service from WGM Support, as a limited-access browser-based user system, or as a full software version installed on your server. That way, you have the option to start “light” and then scale up to the full version later in order to meet your increasing needs.

    What are your advantages?

    • Log all transformer components into an organized, central system
    • Intelligently plan and manage maintenance activities
    • Easily and efficiently plan recurring activities (e.g. data logging) using recurring items
    • Reliably carry out maintenance work while accounting for all technical and legal requirements
    • Store all important measurements, check logs, and other important documents in one central, well-organized, and transparent location
    • Record all unforeseen events in simple, specific logs
    • Considerably increase efficiency and profitability
    • Strategically safeguard your investments in transformers
    • Efficiently prevent unnecessary repair expenses and avoid higher initial investments